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Each and every one of us are exactly the same when it comes time to make those big decisions. The process we go through is really identical no matter if we need a highly specialized surgeon or we are selecting a great college for our children.

You check and then double check references, then you talk to people that have already gone through what you are about to experience. Above all you go to the person that deeply knows what they are doing simply because they have the proven skill sets to deliver the results you desire.

So when it comes time to move over dimensional products like generators and boilers, heavy machinery, windpower equipment or even everyday consumer merchandise, there is only one logistics company that offers you an entire team of seasoned railroad, heavy haul and plant relocation experts and that is Progressive Rail Specialized Logistics. Our multi-disciplined team is well known throughout the logistics industry for their timely responses to your inquiries, on site boots on the ground supervision for your projects along with expert management of all of the myriad of details that come with complex moves. These are just some of the differences that clearly separate us from those that merely broker deals.

The bottom line is you will be able to rely on the right people working from our own specialized equipment platforms to assure every project we are invited to be involved with is a huge success.

Success doesn’t just happen, it’s carefully planned and then skillfully executed so start your journey by scrolling through the different service categories Progressive Rail Specialized Logistics offers and then put anyone of our team members to task – that’s when you will truly discover the difference awaiting you.

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Progressive Rail is committed to showcasing our unparalleled experience and we invite you to join us during the following upcoming conferences.

Breakbulk, Sept. 24-26, 2013 - New Orleans, LA
PowerGen, Nov. 12-14, 2013 - Orlando, FL

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Our proven experience that weaves throughout the Progressive Rail Specialized Logistics team is precisely why our customers are so loyal and with that we have earned their referral time and time again.

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